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Hellenic Cosmos.

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to access this resources clink here: London Conference Venue and Greek Language Courses – The Hellenic Centre.

To access click here: Κέντρο Ελληνικού Πολιτισμού | Hellenic Culture Centre

To access click here: National Hellenic Museum.

Hellenic Foundation for Culture – Homepage.

Ιστορικό | Κέντρο Ελληνικής Γλώσσας.

Ο Διαδικτυακός Κόμβος είναι μία πύλη στους ανοικτούς ορίζοντες της Γνώσης. Απευθύνεται εξίσου στους μαθητές, τους εκπαιδευτικούς και την οικογένεια και σας καλωσορίζει στον συναρπαστικό κόσμο της Μάθησης.

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Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain – Education.

Ινστιτούτο Επεξεργασίας του Λόγου – Institute for Language and Speech Processing.

The ‘miracle’ of Veria’s Public Library in the Macedonia region at the Northern part of Greece . Winner of the 2010 Access to Learning Award of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

LINK: Veria Central Public Library: Home.

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) is a research center at the University of California, Irvine. Founded in 1972 the TLG has collected and digitized most literary texts written in Greek from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453. Its goal is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era

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